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gnarleans813Transportation, am I right? Probably the second most universal topic of conversation with strangers, next to weather. This comic could've been a lot longer, but I decided to cut the jokes about construction, streetcars, ambiguous lanes (I'm looking at you, St. Charles) and hurricane debris. On a side note, "hurricane debris" sounds like either an awesome or horrendous po-boy ingredient.While the last panel might portray biking as an excellent solution to navigation woes, don't be fooled. With sidewalks like an Indiana Jones set and streets more cratered than the surface of Mercury, riding a bicycle can be even more stressful than driving a car. Plus, on most days of the year you'll probably reach your destination looking like John Goodman after a buffalo wing-eating contest. Not always a bad thing though, depending on the destination.

Grant Davis is a former Tulane student from New Hampshire with specializations in writing, graphic design and video production. He currently lives between a couch, a sketchpad and a laptop somewhere in New Orleans. His weekly graphic column Gnarleans offers his own slightly skewed take on life in the Big Easy. Email him [email protected]