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Give NolaVie for National Day of Giving

Are you looking for a way to assuage the guilt of mowing down your fellow shopper on Black Friday or climb out of the social isolation from Cyber Monday? Luckily for you, Tuesday, December 1 is now The National Day of Giving. It’s where you purge consumerism by giving back to your favorite non-profit, like…NolaVie.

But we aren’t just takers over here at NolaVie. We want to give back as well, so for anyone who donates $50 or more, NolaVie will dedicate a story to a person of your choosing. If you’re feeling even more giving, $75 will get you a private party with NolaVie writers and staff. We promise, that really is a gift!

And if you decide to make our National Giving Day just the best day of the year by pledging $100, then you will get to be one of our Designated Designers. A NolaVie writer will take you out for some fine New Orleans cuisine and wonderful conversation. For this one, though, you have to live in New Orleans.

So let’s embrace these post-Thanksgiving holidays that seems to grow like the Hydra of Lerna. NolaVie loves New Olreans, and we want to keep on loving it through our coverage and stories. Help us do that by donating on The National Day of Giving!

Just click into our Donate Page to pledge your love and dollars to NolaVie.