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Event spotlight: The art of basketball

Basketball portraits by Bob Tannen are on view at L'Entrepot

The NCAA Final Four Tournament has invaded New Orleans, and it's proving to be an inspiration to more than just athletes and their fans.

A new exhibition at L'Entrepot in the Warehouse District features more than 75 drawings by local artist Bob Tannen of ... basketballs.

"The ball is such an essential icon of human society as far back as the Greek and Mayan civilizations," Tannen explains. "I wanted to explore the abstract and ideal sense of the ball and ball games and why they are so important. I further focused attention on the basketball in particular as a special object distinct from other game balls in material, size and function. The game of basketball would be very different if it was played with a football or golf ball."

The exhibit opens Friday at 5 p.m. at the creative arts space at 527 Julia Street. On Sunday, April 1, Carmo, a cafe housed inside L’entrepot, will provide the food for a midday brunch to  entice sports fans to check out the art.

And art connoisseurs can check out  the basketball.

Renee Peck is editor of NolaVie.

Renee Peck is editor of NolaVie. Email her at [email protected]