Contributor Terms

As a freelance writer, photographer, illustrator or graphic artist who submits materials to NolaVie you agree to provide your material - column, article, photo, review, graphic, sports information, etc. - to NolaVie, which may edit, revise, crop, retouch or modify for publication at its discretion. You are now granting and assigning to NolaVie and others it may authorize the non-exclusive right, throughout the world, to publish, republish, and re-use any material prepared by you for or submitted by you to NolaVie, in any and all media and forms of publication, reproduction, transmission, distribution, performance, adaptation, enhancement, or display now in existence or hereafter developed. This right will continue for the full term of the copyright in the material.

All material submitted to NolaVie is subject to NolaVie’s acceptance as to whether it is satisfactory to NolaVie.

You represent and warrant that all material you submit will be your own work, not previously published, and will not defame or infringe on anyone else’s rights. You will be expected to cooperate with us if any claim or issue is raised about your work.

Occasionally, NolaVie and others it may authorize may use the material and/or your name and likeness in publishing, promoting, advertising and publicizing NolaVie, as well as in merchandising.

If you receive payment for this material, freelance fees are agreed upon by freelancers and the appropriate NolaVie editor at the time of assignment or on a case-by-case basis.

We must emphasize that freelancers are not NolaVie employees. As an independent contractor, then, you are not entitled to employee benefits, such as sick leave, unemployment compensation, the Federal Insurance Contribution Act, and income tax withholding at the source.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected].