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Saints culture includes extracurricular fun in the Dome

(Photo: champions-square.com_

We're pretty sure it doesn't get any cooler than being the Director of Game Day Entertainment and Special Events for the Saints, and that is exactly what Jared Sampson does. He and Renee Peck sat down at WWNO to talk about the Saints and the culture of football. Read More »

Shopping while sexy

Singer and writer Carmen Barikas shops at Rouses to  demonstrate the Shopping While Sexy look that drew an anonymous 911 call. (Photo: Rapparee Media)

Carmen Barika went to the store in high heels and tight jeans, which resulted in her being cornered and questioned about her involvement in sex work. After the incident, she has questioned many things, including why "shopping while sexy," warrants five police cars and an investigation. Read More »

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