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Silver threads: Mothers

It was Oscar Wilde, in The Importance of Being Ernest (1895), who had one of the characters say, “All women become like their mothers .…”and Bettye Anding investigates his accusations in this week's "Silver Threads." Read More »

Bayou St. John: Cascades of Energy

Local poetic historian, Cassie Pruyn, discusses the history of where Esplanade nears City Park. A tale of sediments, strange turns, and splits in the water weave the tale of the bayou and all its interesting "offspring." Read More »

Gen Why The Film

From their catch phrases that go viral to their obsession with technology, Millenials are a generation unlike any other. Jeffrey Preis interviews filmmakers Isabel Groedel and Shannon Thomas about their new documentary that follows a few Millenials into their privately exposed lives. Read More »

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