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Women in jazz spotlighted

Like many disciplines, women in jazz have been overlooked on many fronts. The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the U.S. Mint is doing something about that. They have a "Women of Note" exhibit that discusses and preserves the ladies who make this city sing. Read More »

Energy and history: Bayou St. John

Poetic historian Cassie Pruyn takes her research and heart to the place where City Park and the bayou meet. She finds that history is clashing there once again when it comes to the removal of Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard's monument. Read More »

UNO documentary: Lemieux Galleries

NolaVie and UNO partner together to put students in the community and provide the community with documentary films about the people and places that make this city vibrant. This week filmmaker Dixie Hartzog talks with Christy Wood, co-owner of Lemieux Galleries. Read More »

NOEW 2017: Entrepreneurs and their cards, 2

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week may be digitally focused, but old-fashioned paper business cards are its coins of the realm. So we set out to see what entrepreneurs are doing these days in terms of hand-outs. Check it out over the next few days as we spotlight start-ups attending NOEW and discuss how they deal their cards. Read More »

(Audio) A Museum of One's Own: George Dunbar

Beginning the new series, "In Artist's Homes," George Dunbar, Folwell Dunbar, and Louisette Brown tell us the stories that surround the art in artist George Dunbar's home and studio. Read More »

UNO Documentary: Curation at the New Orleans Museum of Art

In partnership with UNO, NolaVie places film students and community organizations and members together in order to help create short documentaries about life and culture here in New Orleans. This week, student Christian Breaux talks with NOMA curator Katie Pfohl. Read More »

Audio: 'The state of the arts' by Sharon Litwin

Editor's Note: In honor and memory of Sharon Litwin, The Queen here at NolaVie, we will be publishing a piece from her everyday for a month. Sharon was an advocate and spokeswoman for arts, culture, people, and policies here in New Orleans. In this piece for NolaVie and WWNO, Sharon Litwin and Mark Tullos, talk through ideas, dreams, and solutions when it comes to the Louisiana arts. Read More »

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