Monthly Archive : Race And Ethnicity

Bring your own: "Recognize the Fear" by Nic Aziz

This story was told on January 12th, 2017 at the Circle Food Store, and later produced by Dana Bialek. The theme of the evening was “Where Does It Hurt?”. Here, Nic Aziz tells this winning story about coming back to his hometown of New Orleans after Katrina, and learning a lot about how others perceive him as he took in a city he didn’t recognize. Read More »

DACA Rally: Diversity coming together

Stroll down any New Orleans street, observe the architecture, listen to the music, smell the thick aroma of the food and coffee, and you will find that there is no denying that New Orleans is a multicultural city. ... Read More »

Projected History: Monuments for all

Kelley Crawford talks with Bryan C. Lee Jr., one of the five core team members of "Projecting History," as well as one of the founders of "Paper Monuments" and founder of Colloquate Design, about city identity, design as protest, the removal of confederate statues, and where we can go from here.  Read More »

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