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I'm starting my diet tomorrow


In the cemetery stand granite monuments with epitaphs such as “A Life Well Lived,” or “Gone But Not Forgotten." In Game of Thrones, it’s House Words: “Winter is Coming,” or A “Lannister always pays his debts.” For me, ... Read More »

Where's Larry? The travails of parking at Jazz Fest


A continuous stream of young entrepreneurs has arrived in New Orleans in the years since Hurricane Katrina. But all of us locals are well aware that entrepreneurship has gone hand in hand with Jazz Fest since its beginnings. ... Read More »

From 30,000 feet: The Times-Picayune and Tulane

Tulane footbal: Underdogs but part of 'us.'

  Right after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was emptied; we were all forced to leave. We then were all given a choice: to return or not return. The strong, the feisty, the delusional or those living by our ... Read More »

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