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Native New Orleans food writer Scott Gold, author of "The Shameless Carnivore," has written for Gourmet, Edible Brooklyn, The New Orleans Advocate, Tasting Table, Thrillist, The Faster Times, and other publications. His Food Porn Friday column for NolaVie offers a mouth-watering photo designed to start culinary conversations in the Big Easy.

Food Porn: A New Classic

Shrimp Henican at Commander's Palace

On a recent visit to Commander's Palace, a restaurant that's always held a special place in my heart, I made sure to order a few favorites. It's nigh impossible for me not to call for the famous turtle soup au ... Read More »

Proposed New Orleans street name changes

Should we rename this for John Larroquette?

Recently, Mayor Mitch Landrieu made the controversial stand to remove various public monuments that many local citizens consider offensive, such as those commemorating Confederate General Robert E. Lee and President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis. In that same ... Read More »

Food Porn: Vacation edition

"Iridescent shark sandwich," a Gulf Coast specialty. No, really.

Dear friends: Today your trusty NolaVie Food Pornographer is, in fact, not in New Orleans at all, but relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast. And by "relaxing," I mean "eating." And by "eating," ... Read More »

Food Porn: The bushido of excess

"Dump truck fries" at The Avenue Pub. There are potatoes under there. Somewhere.

A childhood friend of mine, a guy from Opelousas with whom I went to summer camp for many years, started his career as a chef some time ago. This career choice shouldn't be shocking; I mean, the guy is ... Read More »

Food Porn: The cheesesteak episode

Pat's steak

Every now and again, in life, we have stories about food. Sometimes, that story is: "Hey, I had really great pancakes today!" Or, "This was the worst restaurant I've visited all year...harrumph!" But some food stories are so ... Read More »

Food Porn: Good little monsters

Softshell po-boy 2015

Last weekend, I accomplished what can best be described as "my annual Jazz Fest food orgy." Now, I know most people attend the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival for the music; the crafts; and just the fact ... Read More »

Food Porn: The full Irish

"Would you like some meat with your meat?" A Full Irish at the Irish House

When I first visited Ireland a number of years ago for a wedding, I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to cuisine. Given my limited exposure to Irish food, my first thought was potatoes and ... Read More »

Food Porn: Nice buns!

"Bacos" (Vietnamese tacos) at Ba Chi Canteen

I have to admit, even I have gotten caught up in the New Orleans obsession with Vietnamese cuisine in recent years (though it may never trump my deep and abiding love of Japanese yakitori and ramen). Citizens of the ... Read More »

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