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Native New Orleans food writer Scott Gold, author of "The Shameless Carnivore," has written for Gourmet, Edible Brooklyn, The New Orleans Advocate, Tasting Table, Thrillist, The Faster Times, and other publications. His Food Porn Friday column for NolaVie offers a mouth-watering photo designed to start culinary conversations in the Big Easy.

New Orleans, the movie

Photo: By Runner1616  via Wikimedia Commons

Editor's note: The bright lights of Hollywood South bring millions to Louisiana's bottom line. But whenever the state itself is projected onto the big screen, the result often looks like caricature. Scott Gold thinks he can beat these hackneyed media ... Read More »

Construction? It has to be aliens


If you, like me, are in the habit of following all the breaking news in the world of astrophysics, you might have been captivated by a recent exhilarating discovery, the kind that makes nerds like me drop our ... Read More »

Food Porn: Attack of the Shakshouka

The Shukshuka-gator at Kingfish featured a softly baked egg over alligator ragu

There are several reasons why my introduction to the Middle Eastern dish called shakshouka was both memorable and also kind of weird. First, I adore the food of that region, and while I can't claim to have ever been ... Read More »

Food Porn: Confessions of an egg hacktivist

The author's "Healthy McMuffin": turkey, egg, Sriracha and avocado. Eat that, clown.

The time has come once again, my friends, to discuss that perfect, beautiful, indispensible food without which life would be naught but shallow, melancholy grayness: the egg. Ah, the egg. I've discussed this Platonic ideal of a foodstuff ... Read More »

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