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Renee Peck, editor of NolaVie, worked for 32 years as a feature editor and writer at The Times-Picayune. Among her past titles are Food Editor, Entertainment Editor, TV Editor, Assistant Living Editor, and Home and Garden Editor. Her This Mold House column chronicled with humor and inexpertise her rebuilding efforts post-Katrina. Her Big Easy Living column for NolaVie explores the way we live in this always entertaining but sometimes uneasy city. Email her at [email protected]

Pondering Southern belles


What is it with this whole notion of Southern belles? Why does only this region of the country seem to define gender identity through beauty and femininity? An 18-inch waist … seriously? These are questions that historian Blain ... Read More »

PitchNOLA finalists target health


Don't you hate it when Louisiana leads the rankings ... in all the wrong categories? Louisiana’s overall health ranking is 48 out of 50. Its obesity rate is more than 69 percent. The state has the most diabetes-related deaths ... Read More »

1970 Jazz Fest on film


If it's April, it must be ... Jazz Fest, right? But today's event is a far cry from that first fest back in 1970. More than half a million people are expected to hit the Fairgrounds for this ... Read More »

The mayor at French Quarter Festival


Ron Roberts is the mayor of DeRidder, La., a small town in the southwestern corner of the state. But for 31 years, he’s had a love affair with New Orleans and its music, ever since a spring day in 1984 when he and his wife, Martha Lou Roberts, stumbled onto the inaugural French Quarter Festival. Read More »

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