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Glen Abbott is a freelance travel writer/photographer based in New Orleans. He writes for Harley-Davidson's HOG magazine and other motorcycle and general-interest travel publications. Follow Glen at:

Confessions of an Instagram Ninja: Zulu Rolls!


It takes more than a little rain or near-freezing temperatures to dampen our Mardi Gras. Hey, it didn't snow, right? So here's a look at Fat Tuesday's Krewe of Zulu parade -- Rockin', Rollin' and Rainin'! Check out ... Read More »

Confessions of an Instagram Ninja: Leavin' on a jet plane

MSY early morning

There's a strange beauty to late nights and early mornings at an airport. Empty corridors, closed ticket counters, the random traveler sleeping on an uncomfortable bench. It's something the frequent traveler is all too familiar with. For me, ... Read More »

Confessions of an Instagram Ninja: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

This week's Instagram theme is transportation: planes, trains, and automobiles in and around the Big Easy. Mostly automobiles - 60s vintage in particular - because I happen to like them, and there seems to be an inordinate number ... Read More »

Confessions of an Instagram Ninja: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign


"And the sign said anybody caught trespassin' would be shot on sight..." So go the lyrics to a popular song by  70s Canadian rock group Five Man Electrical Band (who, according to their website, are still touring and recording. ... Read More »

Confessions of an Instagram Ninja: Tales from the Darkside

Magazine Street

Grit, grime, rust, and peeling paint are my stock in trade. Bright colors and graffiti, too. That's my take on the Big Easy -- a roiling gumbo of color, culture, and character you won't find anywhere else. It's ... Read More »

Picturing NOLA: Saturating the City


I love deeply-saturated colors. Particularly bright primary colors that practically jump off the computer screen and grab you by the throat. I also tend to favor grit, grime, and grain in my photos. Therein lies the beauty of ... Read More »

Picturing NOLA: A Lil' Bit of Dis, Dat, and D'Other

French Quarter

On his continuing quest to capture New Orleans by Instagram, Glen Abbott, NolaVie's self-proclaimed "Instagram Ninja," ventures near and far, to and fro (mostly "fro," which he seems to prefer over "to"), throughout the city and its environs. ... Read More »

Picturing NOLA: Confessions of an Instagram Ninja


I'm jonesin', and it's bad. Real bad. If you've read my previous posts (here and here), you know that I've become a hopeless Instagram addict. Every day, as if controlled by some mysterious otherworldly force, I'm compelled to ... Read More »

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