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Throwback Thursday - 30 Under 30: Slice

slice pizza

Editor's note: Today is national cheese pizza day (yes, cheese pizza has it's own glory day), so we're thrown' in back to a previous, pizza-related  30 under 30 suggestion.  It’s Friday night and you’ve inevitably had a few ... Read More »

A Super Bowl fan's guide to New Orleans


The Super Bowl is coming to New Orleans, football fans in tow. Here is a personalized guide to New Orleans based on the World Champion contenders. San Francisco 49ers Fans: What a great thing it must be to ... Read More »

30 under 30: Sushi search


I love sushi. The under-30 crowd loves sushi. The under-100 crowd loves sushi. And in New Orleans, that means you have a lot of good options. I’ve tested the raw-fishy waters, and between Hana/ Mikimoto /Little Tokyo/ Origami/ ... Read More »

30 under 30: Kickball


I’m breaking the cardinal rule of this column, which aims to direct the under-30 crowd to experiences that’ll cost them less than $30, by encouraging something that may cost nearly double that. Kickball! Everyone join a kickball league! ... Read More »

30 under 30: The Tchoupitoulas Challenge


What better way to spend $25 of your hard-earned money than on eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings, whipped cream, and most importantly, the possibility of eternal ice cream-eating glory? Well get yee to Creole Creamery, where ... Read More »

30 under 30: $1 Beers and Baseball


Feeling the post-Olympic blues? Well, fill that patriotic void with two of America’s beloved pastimes: baseball and (cheap) beer drinking. On Thursday evenings, Zephyr Field hosts its "Thirsty Thursday" promotion; 9-ounce Dixie cups of beer are a buck ... Read More »

30 under 30: Mid-City Monday Funday


One of the cheapest and arguably most fun ways to do Monday nights in New Orleans happens within one Mid-City block. 12 Mile Limit Bar There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but if you ... Read More »

Bacheloretting in New Orleans: Our Weekend

*No such crowns were worn in the making of this bachelorette weekend

Of all the places in the country to be an impoverished student during wedding season, New Orleans isn't half bad. I know this first hand- - I almost went to school in rural Pennsylvania, after all. This June, ... Read More »

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