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About Kim Frusciante

Kim Frusciante is an educator, Tulane alumna, and new mom who loves all things New Orleans. Though she wishes she could claim to be a native New Orleanian, she will happily settle for raising one instead. Kim is passionate about enjoying the culture of our city with her daughter, Edith, and helping others to do the same with their little ones. Let Edith be your test-baby: Email Kim at Follow Kim (well, Edith…) on Instagram @feedithnola.

Mamma Mia! at the Saenger

When my daughter was a baby, we took 15 minutes each morning to expose her to a different genre of music. From Afro-Cuban jazz to punk rock, we covered just about everything. Though the practice was mainly for ... Read More »

Finding Neverland

Kim Frusciante knows the pleasure and wonderment of raising her little girl, Edith, and when she heads to Finding Neverland, she's reminded as to why these years are such a treasure. Read More »

FeedithNOLA: SoFAB Dinner Series

Walking through the Southern Food & Beverage Museum is like strolling through the collective memory of every Southern grandmother. The exhibits were colorful and cluttered, some even looked homemade, but all had the whimsy to pull off their ... Read More »

Beautiful- The Carole King Musical

Kim Frusciante heads out to the Saenger, and rather than bringing her youngest one Edith with her, she finds that she and her husband are the youngest ones to attend Beautiful-The Carole King Musical. The age gap didn't stop their enjoyment and also had them pontificating on new topics. Read More »

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