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Kelley Crawford is a professor of composition at Bard Early College New Orleans, a columnist and writer for NolaVie, as well as a freelance radio host for WWNO. She also spends her professional time as the president of Shotgun Cinema and as a Senior Coach and Mentor for Pearson, with a focus on academically assisting prisoners and adults through college courses. When she isn't being all professional, you can find her dancing in parades with the dance krewe, Cosmonaughties, traveling while writing young adult books, and volunteering at WRBH, Reading Radio for the Blind and Print Impaired. She has a weekly column entitled "Artists in Their Own Words," where she asks a-typical questions to artists around New Orleans. To contact Kelley, you can email her at

Ideal world in climate change part II: Do we already have the answers?

Tulane student Kyu Min Huh has been investigating the disconnect between people knowing that climate change is a serious issue and, yet, very little action taking place to solve the problem. In Part I of her series, she looks to her fellow students with questions about how climate change can and will affect their futures. For Part II, she dives further into the issue by talking to Tulane employees and community members about what solutions are in the works and in the future. Read More »

A museum of one's own: Momma Tried Magazine

The Momma Tried studio is everything you would want and nothing of what you'd expect. As Sarah Holtz and I approached the Pauger Street entrance, we were greeted by Micah Learned--co-founder of Momma Tried--on the front steps. Quickly after a ... Read More »

Ideal world in climate change: Part I

Climate change is so complicated and multi-faceted that I cannot digest it even when I talk about each issue line by line with somebody. The conversation starts seriously and ends with helplessness: Who are enemies in climate change? ... Read More »

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