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Kelley Crawford is a professor of composition at Bard Early College New Orleans, a columnist and writer for NolaVie, as well as a freelance radio host for WWNO. She also spends her professional time as the president of Shotgun Cinema and as a Senior Coach and Mentor for Pearson, with a focus on academically assisting prisoners and adults through college courses. When she isn't being all professional, you can find her dancing in parades with the dance krewe, Cosmonaughties, traveling while writing young adult books, and volunteering at WRBH, Reading Radio for the Blind and Print Impaired. She has a weekly column entitled "Artists in Their Own Words," where she asks a-typical questions to artists around New Orleans. To contact Kelley, you can email her at

New Orleans traditions: Ghede, the voodoo spirits of death and fertility

In New Orleans, we have all kinds of traditions, and many of us do not know the roots or the reasons for these traditions, so we will be unmasking as many of them as we can. We have all seen the Voodoo tours, the Voodoo ceremonies, and the Voodoo practitioners that walk the streets of New Orleans, so here is a bit more about ghede, the voodoo spirits of death and fertility. Read More »

NOLA favorite places: Mother's restaurant

With the summer season upon us (besides all this rain from Tropical Storm Cindy), the streets start to thin with people. College students have gone home, locals have fled to their summer homes, and the wait at restaurants dwindles. To get you out in those streets and into those restaurants, we are spotlighting some of our favorite places. First up, Mother's. Read More »

City spotlight: Mother-in-Law Lounge

There are many places to rest your feet, open your ears, and simply kick back in New Orleans, and Michelle Van Meter heads to the Mother-In-Law Lounge to spotlight a favorite New Orleans spot. Read More »

(Audio) Bring Your Own: "Arcane Melancholia" by Claudia Lopez

Under the theme of "Where does it hurt," Claudia Lopez first confesses that while others have said her stories have no direction, that she feels that she is a born story teller. In this Bring Your Own, Claudia doesn't tell her story. She reads a letter that was written by her brother in jail and tells his story. Read More »

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