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Keith Marshall, former staff writer at the late/great Times-Picayune and Rhodes Scholar who never figured out what to do with his Oxford D. Phil, writes about Madewood Plantation, the family manse, every Tuesday in "How's Bayou? the secrets of remaining sane while running an upscale B&B on Bayou Lafourche."

How's Bayou?: Deep South meets deep freeze

The light side of Reykjavik. Photo: Keith Marshall

Awash in darkness and mystical radiance from softly-hued luminescent tubes that mimicked the Northern Lights, we swirled glasses of wine in the vertigo-inducing interior of Reykjavik's award-winning Harpa Concert Hall, as the sound of a traditional Icelandic Harmonik ... Read More »

How's Bayou: Entrepreneurs on ice

Hofdi House & Hofdatorg in Reykjavic, on the street that brought you the financial collapse of 2008. Photo: Keith Marshall

REYKJAVIK. For centuries, denizens of this sub-Arctic island of fire and ice struggled to define themselves as a people, as well as to take their place among respected nations of the world. Vikings settled the land in the ... Read More »

How's Bayou?: Putin on the Risk

Photo credit: Matthew Pritchett, MBE

One of the best/worst things about New Orleanians is that we tend not to get overly excited about cataclysmic world events. We perplexedly shrug our shoulders, exhale, then return to the dilemma of how best to get roast ... Read More »

How's Bayou?: A frugal journey


Don't discount us seniors; we can handle the discounts ourselves. Senior discounts are different from coupons or Groupons. They're earned through trial and tribulation, though often spurned by sexagenarians who don't want to reveal their age. I, however, ... Read More »

How's Bayou? 50 Years of Marshall Law

Turning 50: J. R. Damonte surveys grandsons Don and Keith, with Don's son William, in the parlor of Madewood.Turning 50: J. R. Damonte surveys grandsons Don and Keith, with Don's son William, in the parlor of Madewood.

The last half-century at Madewood will tell you all you need to know about why women should be allowed, nay encouraged, to engage in combat operations. It was 50 years ago today, June 10, 1964, that Mother, my ... Read More »

How's Bayou? Still lovin' NOLA

The Saucy Housedogs of Pisgah: they're getting some increased attention this summer.  (Photo by Keith Marshall)

Let me say up front: I AM NOT LEAVING NEW ORLEANS! This column will not be about how my heart is being ripped out as I depart; how I don't know how I'll ever find a bar as ... Read More »

How's Bayou? Of dogs and bras


A dream morning. Mesdames Clio and Pandora are dozing in their "puppy palettes" as I finish my second cup of coffee. It's 72 degrees, with 55 percent humidity. Things are quiet. My wife, Millie, is out of town. ... Read More »

How's Bayou?: If you can't say something nice ...

Miss Clio and her dad on

It sounds so easy to become a member of the leisure class. All you need is an idea with a time that has come and the kind of determination that leads you to bicycle around southwest Louisiana, stopping ... Read More »

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