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Keith Marshall, former staff writer at the late/great Times-Picayune and Rhodes Scholar who never figured out what to do with his Oxford D. Phil, writes about Madewood Plantation, the family manse, every Tuesday in "How's Bayou? the secrets of remaining sane while running an upscale B&B on Bayou Lafourche."

How's Bayou? My Magnificent Obsession


Editor's note: With Easter almost upon us, thoughts turn to ... Elmer's Goldbrick Eggs. In New Orleans, this gold-wrapped, pecan-with-meltaway-chocolate candy bar invented in 1936 by the city's own Elmer Chocolate company, is the quintessential Easter treat. To get your tastebuds salivating ... Read More »

How's Bayou?: Who dat say dey da king?

The Flag of Truce, by Tom Phillips

“Is that the king of the Mardi Gras?” a recent overnight guest at Madewood asked, as she raised her snifter of brandy and gestured toward the substantial, 5-by-4-foot painting that dominates the parlor. British artist Tom Phillips’s striking ... Read More »

How's Bayou?: Father knew best

Not your usual check-in: A welcoming art
piece in the 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville, Ark.

Alice Walton, daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton and ex-wife of a Grade-A, Carnival-Credential-Carrying New Orleanian, probably would agree that her dad knew what he was doing when he launched his first Walmart store in a Rogers, Arkansas ... Read More »

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