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About Joey Albanese

A New York transplant and wanderer at heart, Joey Albanese moved to New Orleans in 2012 to get a little lost, hoping that by doing so, he'd be able to answer the cliche questions that people ask themselves in their twenties. With a suitcase and no plan, he eventually found NolaVie, where someone thought it was a good idea for him to write a weekly column. In Twenty(something) Questions, he explores the vulnerability and self-doubt that comes along with "figuring it out," particularly in a generation that questions everything. Feel free to send any questions you may have for him to [email protected] However, please keep in mind that he probably does not know the answers.

The Hit List: Writing a love story


This year for GiveNola Day, NolaVie is focusing on our Hit List. These are the articles, columns, and pieces that citizens in New Orleans have loved throughout our 5 years as a non-profit. This one goes out to all of you and Joey Albanese who love New Orleans fiercely. Read More »

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