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A New York transplant and wanderer at heart, Joey Albanese moved to New Orleans in 2012 to get a little lost, hoping that by doing so, he'd be able to answer the cliche questions that people ask themselves in their twenties. With a suitcase and no plan, he eventually found NolaVie, where someone thought it was a good idea for him to write a weekly column. In Twenty(something) Questions, he explores the vulnerability and self-doubt that comes along with "figuring it out," particularly in a generation that questions everything. Feel free to send any questions you may have for him to [email protected] However, please keep in mind that he probably does not know the answers.

Twenty(something) Questions: Getting over New York

Joey Albanese

Living in a city like New York is hard, but leaving is harder. When you leave a city like New York, it’s like leaving someone you love. But not just any love, your first love. The breakup is ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: Another year wiser?

Joey Albanese

Each birthday, part of me feels as though nothing has changed, and then another part feels like everything has. I may be another year older, but I'm not sure how much wiser. Sure, I may know more; but ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: What your first cassette tape says about you


If you're a twenty-something today, you can probably remember the first cassette tape that you purchased in the '90s, before CDs became mainstream. And whether you want to admit it or not, that album says a lot about ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: Last call

Joey Albanese

My favorite point in the night is when I turn the lights on at the bar, yell ‘last call’ and watch a couple stragglers do laps around the room looking for someone to go home with. I get ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: What now?

Joey Albanese

It’s been two days since I last wrote a story. What now? I hear someone ask, with the face of an impatient mother waiting for her son to finish his homework. I’ll do it later, I think to ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: Writing a love story

Joey Albanese

A year ago today, I moved for a girl. She’s the kind of girl you’re nervous to introduce your parents to, you know? She’s a little rough around the edges. But you know they’ll love her eventually, once ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: The unavoidable kiss

Joey Albanese

Everyone has that aunt in their extended family who loves to kiss everyone on the mouth. And it's not just a regular kiss – it’s big, it’s wet and it feels like it lasts an eternity. No matter ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: When your internal alarm clock goes off

Joey Albanese

There’s a power outage that exists inside of your body your entire young life, which allows you to defy the gravity of the circadian rhythm by pulling all-nighters or dancing until dawn and then sleeping the next day ... Read More »

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