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Poem: Super Moon


Facing the final week of preparation do I step up for Step, like an NBA superstar exceeding expectations, refusing to crumble in crunch time? No. I procrastinate and ponder; walking outside to observe not a super star but ... Read More »

Save the Saints. Demand respect.

Jarod DuVall

Cash under the table. Broken laws. Questionable, maybe immoral behavior. Perpetuating unnecessary violence. No, not local politicians or police, but our Saints. Here's one new fan's take on Bountygate. Read More »

Mardi Gras parade stratégies from a throw-happy veteran

Begging is encouraged when chasing blink beads.

With the parade onslaught approaching, Tulane med student Jarod DuVall offers some hard-earned tips for procuring the throws you desire. Read More »

A present Thanksgiving in New Orleans

Living life in the moment at the Poboy Fest in New Orleans. (Photo courtesy

Somewhere between the old-fashioned potluck and the NOPD requesting a volume reduction of old-school Snoop Dogg, I realized I had arrived. I was thoroughly enjoying the present — lost in the Popeye’s fried turkey with cranberry sauce-covered cornbread ... Read More »

An afternoon among Audubon oaks

The Tree of Life in Audubon Park

The Tree of Life, a labyrinth, wild beasts, shaggy creatures, and noble steeds. Normally, these elements only exist in fantasy tales, but they inhabit New Orleans at the intersection of Laurel Street and Audubon Park in a strange ... Read More »

Halloween 2011 revisited, Marigny

drum roll

NolaVie contributor Jarod DuVall offers a retrospective of Halloween night on Frenchmen Street. Read More »

SoCal punk rock retrospective set for Voodoo Saturday


When I was 5 years old, my parents walked in on me listening to “Achy Breaky Heart.” By the time I started singing along, they simply had had enough. A stern talk ensued, and I quickly learned that ... Read More »

Pharmacy Museum blends history, eccentricity and drugs

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Arriving at the unassuming building in a relatively quiet part of the French Quarter, you might ask why you ended up here. “It’s America’s first licensed pharmacy!” My eager reply would probably elicit a blank stare, or a ... Read More »

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