Author Archives: Jarod DuVall

Poem: Super Moon

Facing the final week of preparation do I step up for Step, like an NBA superstar exceeding expectations, refusing to crumble in crunch time? No. I procrastinate and ponder; walking outside to observe not a super star but ... Read More »

A present Thanksgiving in New Orleans

Somewhere between the old-fashioned potluck and the NOPD requesting a volume reduction of old-school Snoop Dogg, I realized I had arrived. I was thoroughly enjoying the present — lost in the Popeye’s fried turkey with cranberry sauce-covered cornbread ... Read More »

An afternoon among Audubon oaks

The Tree of Life, a labyrinth, wild beasts, shaggy creatures, and noble steeds. Normally, these elements only exist in fantasy tales, but they inhabit New Orleans at the intersection of Laurel Street and Audubon Park in a strange ... Read More »

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