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About Evan Christopher

New Orleans-based clarinetist and advocate for the cultural workforce, Evan Christopher is a refreshingly bright light on the international jazz scene. He combines virtuosity, immaculate taste, and enthusiasm with a deep commitment to exploring the full range of possibilities in the New Orleans Jazz tradition.

MAC-Notes: Yes, organizing pays!


This week in Evan Christopher's "MAC-Notes," he talks about "disaster capitalism." Many New Orleanians want to see the culture here retained and supported rather than commodified, and MaCCNO is offering a solution through the Community Engagement Professional position they have added to their staff. Read More »

MAC-Notes: Eye on the prize


In this next edition of "MAC-Notes," Evan Christopher extrapolates upon his "Call for Leadership" article by pointing out specific solutions to resist gentrification. It is about supporting culture in practice, not imagery. Read More »

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