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From the Kitchen Of: Karima Suleiman

Homemade hummus

I was welcomed into the beautiful home of Karima and Mamdoh Suleiman the evening of July 19 for a homemade Palestinian feast. On that same night, as zucchini stuffed with rice and meat bubbled in a bright red tomato ... Read More »

You've come a long way, crybaby


When the lovable Mrs. Muffin asked me a question on live television in 1952, I froze. When I was supposed to present something before not just the lower school but also the middle school, and I knew my cousin ... Read More »

Take a shower, clean the Gulf

The Bird Project soap and ceramic center.

As if a hot shower weren't pleasure enough in itself, now you can actually contribute to the post-BP disaster clean up as you scrub. Here’s the story: Tippy Tippens,  another one of our new NOLA citizens, felt called ... Read More »

My horrible wonderful trip to NYC

me, Narinder, and Nisar

Some people pack a carry-on and go. Not me. I start cleaning out my fridge three days before I leave; my to-do lists give birth to their own to-do lists. Returning home is even worse; it takes me ... Read More »

The eye must eat, too: Wall to wall art in NYC

Michael Noland's 'Night Harvest'

Just before Christmas I sat down to interview Karen Gadbois about her smart/naive pillows and found I was also interviewing the founder of the investigative journal The Lens. It happened again this week when I interviewed Caroline Kerrigan Lerch, Director of ... Read More »

From the kitchen of: Honey, I couldn't find an hour to buy you a gift

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 7.55.23 PM

Slackers, rejoice! If your he or she likes to eat and/or cook, then you’re a phone call away from salvation. I spent a happy Saturday morning at a Creole/Cajun cooking class at Langlois Culinary Crossroads, perched on a ... Read More »

From the kitchen of: Chicken and artichokes

knife spoon

Artichokes are a special food; they are a pain to prep, turn my hands a weird color, are low in calories, and simply delicious. So I overlook the downside. Something looked right about the big bag of frozen ... Read More »

From the Kitchen Of: Satsuma

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.06.25 PM

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