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NOLA-set film seeks test audience

The cast of "Laundry Day" on set after a day of filming.

After moving from Los Angeles in 2006, filmmaker Randy Mack found himself most at home in the part of town where the lower French Quarter meets the Marigny triangle. The neighborhood’s people and its haunts -- Checkpoint Charlie’s, ... Read More »

2010 New Orleans mayoral candidate to be subject of documentary

Former candidate in the 2010 New Orleans mayoral election Jonah Bascle is the subject of a new short documentary.

Certain careers call out to be explored through documentary films. The life of the stand-up comedian, for example, is ripe with material. The same can be said for the social activist, the writer, the visual artist, or the ... Read More »

LOCOfilm's latest shines a light on 'The Lot'


Seven years ago, filmmaker Russell Blanchard walked into the Blackstar Café in Algiers and began chatting with owner Baakir Tyehimba. Blanchard, a Thibodeaux native, had just moved to the neighborhood, and when the conversation turned towards ways of ... Read More »

'A Confederacy of Dunces' could be Broadway-bound

If all goes according to plan, 'Parks and Recreation; star John Offerman may turn up on Broadway as Ignatius J. Reilly.

Nothing about the beloved New Orleans-set novel A Confederacy of Dunces has come easy. It’s well known that the author, John Kennedy Toole, committed suicide in 1969 after numerous failed attempts to get it published. Only the persistence ... Read More »

Take Five: Independent filmmaker in Hollywood South makes 'Below Dreams'


A few years ago, Garrett Bradley began taking Greyhound bus trips from her home in New York down to New Orleans. “I sort of was drawn here for some reason that I don’t think at the time I ... Read More »

NOMA's Young Fellows begin with a bang

Conceptual artist Mel Chin talked to the inaugural meeting of Young Fellows at NOMA. Photo: courtesy of Linda Friedman

If you watched the 90’s prime-time soap opera Melrose Place, and you occasionally got the feeling that the show was actually the medium for a cutting-edge, conceptual art project, well … guess what? You weren’t crazy. Yes, the ... Read More »

Documentary lets you jam with New Orleans greats


When Darren Hoffman heard the song "Discipline Strikes Again," by Jason Marsalis, something clicked in his mind. “When I heard this, it was one of the first times in many years that I was inspired to create a music video,” said Hoffman. Read More »

'Big Charity': Sneak peek a rousing reunion

Photo credit: Blake Bertuccelli

Just three weeks after Hurricane Katrina, after a Herculean cleanup effort by doctors, nurses, and the United States military, the first three floors of Charity Hospital were open and ready for patients. But mysteriously, the word came down ... Read More »

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