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Theater Musings: Land of abundance


There is nothing like leaving New Orleans to make you appreciate our unmatched array of choice. We recently returned from a series of trips designed to put NOLA summer and hurricane season at bay: Connecticut; Lake Michigan shores; ... Read More »

Theatre Musings: Our boy, Bill


What is it about Bill?  He did his best work a long time ago. He often made up words when just the right phrase didn’t suit his purposes. He was born and died in the same small burg, ... Read More »

Final days for 'Normal'


I am a University of Texas graduate, so I paid attention when Austin began chanting “Keep Austin Weird.” I have been musing lately that an authentic "brand" for New Orleans would be “Next To Normal.” After all, no one ... Read More »

Theater chatter: '8' puts legal testimony at center stage

Dustin Lance Black:

Does anyone else find the use of "proposition" odd when used to mean something that will become legally absolute? Webster makes the point that a proposition is "something set forth for consideration" and sometimes "an immoral or indecent ... Read More »

Dissonance provides the balm in 'Gilead'


Confession time: Dissonance makes me squirm. I am old school; I am drawn to harmony in folk music, The Great American Songbook and hummable Broadway hits; to the Impressionists’ pastoral scenes; to Opera stoppers; to ethos we middle-classers ... Read More »

Lyrically speaking of singers ...

Broadway belters

One could argue that this should be about composers and singers, given the untimely loss of Marvin Hamlisch this week. But, I am a lover of  lyrics ... especially the lyric that takes your breath away in its ... Read More »

Theater Musings: Gender-bending portrayal of 'Shirley'


It made me stop mid-step. In theater, we call this a "beat," because the playwright has stipulated a short pause in the action and words. The announcement on WWNO local public radio said “Ricky Graham, starring in the ... Read More »

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