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The creators of 1239 Congress write bimonthly for NolaVie, covering happenings and people in their neighborhood.

The Aquarium Gallery and Studios

Jacob Martin, shortly after purchasing The Aquarium Gallery and Studios

  "I never wanted to own a gallery," says Jacob "Reptile" Martin, intertwining his arms like the shy kid on the playground. At 26, he is young to be the owner of an art gallery and studio space. With ... Read More »

Second Saturday a freewheeling New Orleans happening

  When Christian Hardy suggested at one of our weekly meetings that we do a photography show, there was no debate. Within a week we had four artists who wanted to show their work. Then the number went ... Read More »

VIDEO: The Tintypes' "Galveston"

The Tintypes at 1239 Congress

Here is a video of the Tintypes, a New Orleans folk band that has played two acoustic shows at 1239 Congress. The Tintypes will be playing with Feral Foster, Jackson Lynch, Alynda Lee & Sam Doores today, May ... Read More »

Earth Day Fest 2012: The Pledge House

Earth Day Poster

  At dawn this Saturday, April 21, I'll be building a house from the ground up on the bayou. Not in a crazy Noah's ark, hearing God kind of way, but in preparation for the 2012 Earth Day ... Read More »

A Shotgun Near You


A Party You Can Play At It started, as so many things in New Orleans do, with a casual conversation between two friends. Yuri Velez, a musician from NYC, was touring and looking for a place to play ... Read More »

Introducing: 1239 Congress

1239 Congress Photography Exhibit

Since 2005 the city has struggled with the highest national rate of property blight. This problem has attracted thousands of young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Green spaces have sprung up across the city and art spaces have been ... Read More »

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