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AUDIO: The velcro shoe rebellion

credit: Josh Ente

credit: Josh Ente

Bring Your Own is a nomadic storytelling series that takes place in living rooms, backyards and other intimate spaces within the community. Each month, seven storytellers have seven minutes to respond to a theme. BYO airs on "All Things New Orleans" and is a biweekly podcast on WWNO.org.

This story was told on June 4, 2013 at the Alvar Library in the Bywater and later produced by Natalie Yahr. The theme of this Grand-Slam-style "Winners Circle" BYO was "Famous Last Words". Matt Sargeant tells of his childhood "bestie" who tested authority and convention from the get-go.

*Bring Your Own is brought to you by Liam Daniel Pierce, Laine Kaplan-Levenson and Nina Feldman. For more listenin' go to bringyourownstories.com.

Matt ‘Smoothie’ Sargeant is a nolavie film writer. Contact him at mjsargeant83@gmail.com.