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A journey in photographs

Ten years ago, Jennifer Shaw packed up and evacuated just like the rest of us; unlike the rest of us, she was 9 months pregnant.

What came out of that year is a beautiful story told with film photography and toys, fitting mediums for a city that has stayed true to its roots in an increasingly digital world. Originally published as a hardcover book, Hurricane Story has been reborn for the anniversary into a carefully crafted e-book, preserving the majesty of film while also getting "hip" with an interactive map experience and audio.

Below is a selected collection from Jennifer's Hurricane Story, which is available in both e-book and hardcover formats.

Jennifer Shaw grew up in Milwaukee (although I assure you, she's as New Orleans as they come), and studied photography at Rhode Island School of Design before making New Orleans her home. She was a founding officer of the New Orleans Photo Alliance and directs its annual PhotoNOLA festival, in addition to teaching the disappearing art of darkroom photography [that's film for all you youngsters who think phone = camera] and chasing after two sons.

Native New Orleanian Elizabeth Kukla is a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. She writes about being a NOLA girl from afar in “Growing Pains,” a weekly column at NolaVie.