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3, 2, 1 ... Countdown to Give Nola Day

On May 2, 2017, Give Nola Day will have people from all over the world signing into their computers and donating to non-profits. You will see NolaVie and think: What does my donation do? A lot.

When you donate to NolaVie, you are supporting emerging artists and writers like:


Emma Fick, an artist and writer who--after a vegan lunch and fantastic discussion with the editors of NolaVie--debuted chapters of her new book, Snippets of New Orleans, on these pages. She has now gone on to find a publisher for Snippets of New Orleans and the full book will be released in May of 2017. 

Who else have you supported as an emerging artist? 


Painter John Isiah Walton, whose provocative Zulu series puts a new spin on contemporary issues:
The first time I showed the Zulu works in 2012 I was told ‘We are going to do a show about Mardi Gras.’ I didn’t want to do anything cliche, so I thought about how I experienced Mardi Gras as a kid. I remember eating hot dogs while the Zulu parade went by, and I always wondered who was beneath the masks and paint. The wild part is that when we think about New Orleans, we know that Zulu is something you are born with. It’s a part of the parades and Mardi Gras. When people started making it about race, I was really confused, because I grew up with the parade where people were painted black. People call it black face, and I thought of it as Zulu paint.


And what about the emerging journalists who are looking for opportunities? 

You support them as well! 


Sarah Isabelle Prevot (Photo provided by: Sarah Isabelle Prevot)

Sarah Isabelle Prevot, a native New Orleanian, came to NolaVie with a mission. She wanted to cover the stories that no one was covering in a way only her local voice could. She has done exactly that. From writing stories about Voodoo Fest Pirates (not the kind you are thinking) to spending a day with the women of Two Girls, One Shuck, Sarah has taken her love of her city, immersed herself in it fully, and given it back to the community. You have helped her do that!

Please help us to continue supporting artists and writers that make New Orleans the vibrant place we love to call home. 

Click here to donate today (yes, you can schedule payments early) or on May 2 to NolaVie, where we observe the way we live, initiate challenging conversations about our city, and work to change our perceptions and quality of life for the better.