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3, 2, 1 ... Countdown to Give Nola Day

On May 2, 2017, Give Nola Day will have people from all over the world signing into their computers and donating to non-profits. You will see NolaVie and think: What does my donation do? A lot.

When you support NolaVie, you support the history and culture of New Orleans--in a way no one else does.


Like the story of Bayou St. John, meticulously and entertainingly documented by the poetic historian Cassie Pruyn. From mermaid spotting to cars being pulled out of the bayou, she puts her poetic eye and research skills to work investigating the wonders of the Bayou St. John. Those skills earned her a publishing deal, and her book on the bayou will be out this summer. You helped promote her work and get her there! 


You also support new series, such as, "A Museum of One's Own," which spotlights local artists that have given their craft and work to the city for decades. We want their stories, their techniques, and their sagacious insight to be photographed, recorded, written, and archived. You are helping make and preserve history.


These historians, artists, and writers bring entertainment, newness, and brightness to our city, and they are supported by you. 

Please consider donating here to keep the voices of our city thriving.