Monthly Archive : 2014 September

#CharacterADay VIDEO: Hug the turn

Every Tuesday for the next month, we will feature a guest blog and video from New Orleans-based comedian CJ Hunt's #CharacterADay series, a project of solo comedy videos that depicts a different fictional character. In today's feature, Hunt ... Read More »

How's Bayou?: Deep South meets deep freeze

Awash in darkness and mystical radiance from softly-hued luminescent tubes that mimicked the Northern Lights, we swirled glasses of wine in the vertigo-inducing interior of Reykjavik's award-winning Harpa Concert Hall, as the sound of a traditional Icelandic Harmonik ... Read More »

Nola Studiola dispatch: Marin Sardy

As part of a new content partnership with Nola Studiola, a collaborative online platform where various artists -- visual and literary -- curate the site with their own content for month-long "residencies,” we will feature monthly “dispatches” from ... Read More »

NOLA APPtitude: Daily specials at your fingertips

“I’m always asking people, ‘What brought you here?’” says restaurateur Tony Tocco. “And seven out of 10 say yelp. And six out of 10 are using it to pollinate their opinion. Crowd sourcing of opinion will always be around, but I thought, ‘There’s gotta be a better way.’” So Specialus was born. Read More »

Week in review

Catch up on local cultural arts news in NolaVie’s Week in Review, featuring a snapshot of the week’s features, published every Saturday. Read More »

Food Porn: A tale of two sushis

  The Crescent City is, of course, world-renowned for its culinary scene, and justly so.  We're home to dishes you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world, and if you do, they're often pale facsimiles of the ... Read More »

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