Monthly Archive : 2014 July

Viewfinder: Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs, Mississippi. (Photo by: Hanna Rasanen)

This past weekend I decided to take a vacation and visit a friend who lives just outside of Ocean Springs. Our plan was to roam the streets of the little beach town, settle down in a nice restaurant, and ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Dog days

Bettye Anding

Have I ever told you that I once interviewed Dr. Zhivago? He and fellow reporters Melinda Gassaway and Rosemary James and I played bridge at the Roosevelt Hotel … I don’t play bridge; it was a set-up for ... Read More »

A rooster crows in NOLA


These are no ordinary roosters. They have no purpose. They're wild, they're loud, they have claws, and they descended from dinosaurs. They hide behind potted plants and crow at you or jump out to scare you. They fly; I know that birds are supposed to fly so it shouldn't be surprising, but when a rooster flies it sends a chill down your spine. Read More »

UNO documentary: 'Bring Your Own'

Bring Your Own partners with Shotgun Cinema for a special live storytelling event featuring a couple of documentary makers.

Slam poetry has been a staple at hipster coffee shops since its origin in 1984 Chicago. Artists in New Orleans are taking a new approach to the same concept, by telling stories in a laid-back, intimate and comfortable ... Read More »

A Satchmo poem


Today’s featured submission comes from Canadian poetess and fan of all things New Orleans Aprill Cameron, who, like many New Orleanians and out-of-towners alike, has a penchant for Satchmo Summerfest. Of the festival Cameron writes: “Wish I could be there instead of my words!” Read More »

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