Monthly Archive : 2014 June

A food speakeasy

  There is something new and great happening for all of you food-loving New Orleans adventurers. Recently, without filling them in on many of the details, I invited two of my best friends to try a new and magical ... Read More »

Food Porn: Food Porn "Fry-day"

“Come in, son.  Have a seat.  You’re getting older now, almost a young man, able to make your own decisions and tell right from wrong and good from bad.  So it’s time I talked to you honestly and ... Read More »

Last Call: Still Lifes

The paintings of Amy Weiskopf remind me of nearly-forgotten vocabulary words from art appreciation classes, words like “chiaroscuro” and “trompe l'oeil.” Her exhibition Still Lifes, now on view at the Arthur Roger Gallery, features nearly 20 works that showcase Weiskopf’s meticulous, brightly colored portrayals of fruits and vegetables. Read More »

Chasing after the Anti-Run: The Pole Dance

In a new age of health consciousness and kale smoothies and detoxes and 5 a.m. running groups, I'm trying to find something that's fun, that's still exercise, and that won't leave me crying in a heap of salty tears next to a treadmill in the center of a crowded gym. So, I took a pole dancing class. Read More »

World Cup: big league entertainment

I can remember when summer was the season of TV reruns. Four excruciating months of round-the-clock regurgitated fare that offered little escape from the indoor hibernation necessitated by soaring mercury levels. Things have changed. My daughters fill their summer hours ... Read More »

AUDIO: "Let's Get Married"

Bring Your Own is a nomadic storytelling series that takes place in living rooms, backyards and other intimate spaces within the community. Each month, seven storytellers have 7 minutes to respond to a theme. BYO airs on All Things New Orleans and is a ... Read More »

Ten things that the NOLA unemployed can do

While the job market has limited options here, there are some things that those without jobs can do (money pending) that 9-to-5ers can’t. Like sleep. No, really, I'm trying to be positive. Here are 10 activities that the un-hired can try, given endless idle time and ... Read More »

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