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Et cetera

Meet: Meauxbar (942 N. Rampart). The sudden closure of Sainte Marie last month left many missing the reliably confident cuisine from the CBD staple. Whether you are of the downtown weekday lunch crowd or the weekend theatre crowd, good news: the ... Read More »

Neutrons Protons: Dancing jitterbug

I haven’t always loved to dance. I remember when my mom first took me to ballet class when I was six. I remember how the tutu skirt scratched my legs and the tights felt like they were on backwards and I thought my shoes were dumb looking. I cried so much after my first class that my mom didn’t make me go back. I was relieved and decided if this was dance, then I was definitely not a dancer. Read More »

Bar shots

It’s almost hump day happy hour and you could use a bar shot. Maybe two or three. Right now. At your desk. From that little canister holding your ballpoint pens. Unfortunately, the last person who did that is ... Read More »

Colin Jost: Remember the name

Colin Jost. Get used to the name. Most people know him only as the new co-anchor for “Saturday Night Live’s” “Weekend Update,” but Jost’s fingerprints are all over some of the best comedy of the last eight years, and all signs point to the comedian becoming a household name sooner rather than later. Read More »

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