Monthly Archive : 2013 September


Oh boy, political cartoons! Who doesn't love paring a complex issue down to a few simple images with words on 'em? I can probably just reuse this picture with different labels every week and never have to draw ... Read More »

Voices from the Classroom: The view from 37 years

Charter school teacher Wendy DeMers has spent almost four decades years in the classroom teaching children from kindergarten to middle school, as well as mentoring young teachers just starting out. A defiant embracer of change and believer in team work, it worries her that many other teachers are without a similar kind of support system to help them in this continuously changing education environment. Read More »

NOLATech Week has something for everyone

In recent years, New Orleans has been touted for its growing tech scene, which continues to strengthen as more entrepreneurs, developers, and digital media companies, both renowned and newly formed, establish themselves in the city. This progress has ... Read More »

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